Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Edinburgh Yarn Festival (better late than never!).

So I did it! My first ever knitting/fibre/yarn festival where I traveled further than my home town!

Edinburgh, what an experience, the place and the festival were amazing- I don't know how I got through it as I was in the midst of a horrid cold lurgy that just zapped all of my energy plus sleeping in a friends living room (thank you soooo much Nathan and Olga for putting up with us!).  It was all a bit of a blur and I'm only just recovering from the final stages of the cold (I hope) so I've been in a bit of a bubble since getting home. Sadly I didn't have the time to think to take many photos so I apologise for the not great quality of the images in this post!

One major aim for me for the experience was to try and make myself (and my stall!) more portable, we were flying to Edinburgh since it worked out cheaper than hiring a car and driving up- plus saving a lot of time so everything had to fit in one hold bag plus our usual two hand luggage. This was partly achieved by commissioning the lovely 'By Hook Crochet' to crochet me some stunning bowls and trays for my jewellery to sit in, this meant I could squish them up small and sit them all inside each other.
Here's some pictures so you can see what I mean:

They are all dark grey and some have stripes of colour through the middle, lots of people commented on them, I think they really helped ++++my jewellery pop!

To make the set-up of my stall easier I have also started to package my necklaces and earrings, these you can see at the back of this photo in a crochet tray that By Hook Crochet also made for me: 
 I'm hoping that my packaging also helps people to find the necklace they want (they can flick through all the options easily) but I'm a little bit worried that it takes away the 'realness' of the items, however I can't really think of anything else as I do also pin some necklaces up on a board behind this tray. Any ideas very welcome!
The other way I downsized was to use some of my containers I take my jewellery in to create height on the stall and stand things on (by covering them with cloth!) I'm not sure why I haven't thought of this before as previously I have taken tonnes of wooden boxes to stack up and create height.

Here's a picture of me with my finished stall, I'm too tired to even stand!

The festival was huge! Next time it is on I will definitely apply to be in the main hall as where I was based (the pop-up market room) was a little quiet at times, but the organisers definitely put lots of effort into trying to make us more visible! (thank you!). Every time I stepped foot into the main room I just couldn't get anywhere there were so many yarn lovers to weave my way through.

I managed to see a few booths on my sparse dashes around including 'Tilly Flop' whom I met last year at Brighton Unwind whom has some fantastic new card designs for the knitter, stitcher or crafter in your life:
I saw the stunning John Arbon Textiles stand where they were so busy serving customers with gorgeous roving that I couldn't take a non-blurry photo:

These knitted glasses frames I found were created by the fabulous Becky Lee whom was in the 'local makers' section of the show, she designs brilliant knitting patterns that can be found here:

I came across these delicious sock patterns from C.C. of the 'Geeky girls knit' podcasts/blogs, whom will soon be having a giveaway with some things from me (thanks C.C!)

The very lovely Textile Garden twosome- Maggie and Colin, were working hard selling their popular buttons and haberdashery, their stall was packed with plenty of people filling their pots!

A special mention to Somruthai of Just Another Crafty Stuff whom since I followed her on instagram has been a big help in inspiring and supporting me to try weaving!

Just check out these yarns!!! I managed to arrange a last minute swap on the Sunday with Jon from Easy Knits (the AMAZING indie dyer) he is going to be one of the first to try a new product of mine- Stitch markers! (which I will soon feature on the blog!). I forgot to take a photo of his stall but it was just an amzing array of colour and texture, candy for the eyes! 

There were so many more but this post is already vastly long so I can't include them all, however here is The amazing 'Weft Blown' demonstrating her looms which I didn't have time to try out but have been left pining for afterwards:
 I've come back from Edinburgh with inspiration to try some new fibre crafts, I'm most passionate about trying weaving and today reading Kalee Bones 'Year of Craft' blog posts have inspired me even more (despite her not feeling too happy about some of what she made!). There was just an abundance of weaving inspiration in Edinburgh (including a mill right next to Edinburgh castle, and of course all the tartan!) through following people such as 'Weft blown' on instagram and thus getting deeper hooked in I have become determined to try it and perhaps even invest in a small rigid heddle loom.

In fact I'm off to Tiger today to see if they still have the very basic loom Kalee used in her experiments, (and I've learnt through her posts exactly what I need to start). So good to feel like I will be doing some crafting for myself, I'll let you know how it goes!

Edinburgh Castle on our last night, an eery shade of green!

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