Monday, 23 February 2015

Introducing: YAK, Brighton

I've been following the ventures of Kate from Yarn and Knitting since I met her at the knitting show 'Unwind Brighton' last year, she was then (and still is) the owner of a beautiful online shop 'YAK' (Yarn and Knitting). A haven for knitters and yarn lovers alike, beautiful yarns, patterns and various tools that knitters would love to own. Kate has just recently opened up a real life shop here in brighton, which excitingly now stocks Yellow Bear Wares knitting needle jewellery.
I went to visit Kate and the shop just before the grand opening to have a look around. Kate has also very kindly has answered some questions for my first ever 'Introducing' blog post, a series in which I will introduce you to some pretty exciting maker/crafter/do-er type people:

Firstly please introduce yourself:
Hello, my name is Kate and I run YAK a lovely little local yarn shop in
Brighton. We are nestled in the North Laines, an area renowned for its
creative buzz and eclectic mix of shops. 

 What is your earliest knitting memory?
I was definitely shown how to knit and crochet at quite a young age but I don't remember being very enamoured with it at the time and I definitely didn't get past knitting just a little square. The first project I can remember finishing was a scarf when I was about 13. I ran out of wool before
it was long enough so carried on with a completely different colour which
didn't exactly go, so it turned out pretty odd. I think I palmed it off on a

What made you want to turn your passion for knitting into a business?
It was a combination of things. I'd been living in Canada which was where I
really fell in love with knitting where there are none of the preconceptions
of who should be knitting like there still is here. And the yarn shops, oh
the yarns shops! When I got back to the UK I knew I wanted to try and get
into the industry somehow but was hard to think of an obvious way in having
had no background in it. Then when I moved to Brighton and found it really
hard, not only to find somewhere to buy yarn but also to find other
knitters, I made up my mind pretty quickly that creating a space for
knitters was what I should do. It didn't make any sense to me that a
creative city like Brighton didn't have a good yarn shop and I knew there
must be hundreds of other knitters who felt the same. So I set about doing
my market research like a good business person, met some really inspiring
local knitters, designers and dyers who gave me the encouragement I needed
and the rest is history. I hope people come into the shop, knitters or not,
and feel inspired to get creative.

Yellow Bear Wares necklaces and bracelets in situ at the shop.
What is on your 'hot list' knitting wise at the moment?
It hard to keep up sometimes! I love browsing patterns on Ravelry, and there
are certain designers I follow especially because their work is always so
inspiring. Over on the YAK blog I write a pattern round up at the end of
every month where I post up some of my favourite patterns that were released
during the month. I always have far too many to choose from but if I had to
pick a designer who I really can't wait to see more from it would be Dianna Walla. She has popped up in so many of the things I've been reading recently
and her designs never fail to set my mind wandering to my stash.

Gorgeous yarns from 'the uncommon thread'

What exciting things can we look forward to at the YAK shop in Brighton?
Classes. Our class timetable going up on our website a few days ago. We've
started out with some beginner classes to get the ball rolling but we will
be adding more advanced classes and workshops soon.
Knit night. A static feature every week on a Thursday for anyone who's in
need of a bit of social knitting time.
We also have a few events planned for later in the year including hosting
the Yarn in the City gang on Knit in Public Day.

Thank you Kate for this introduction to yourself and your shop, such a good addition to the North Laines and to Brighton as a whole, there really was a gap to be filled and the shop does it just perfectly
As you can see in my photos Kate has exquisitely curated the shop, from the items she sells to the way she display's them amongst gorgeous furniture and props, please go see for yourself at:
16 Gloucester Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 4AD 
If you don't live in Brighton or are too far for a visit you can see YAK online here: 


  1. Ooh can't wait to visit the YAK shop! Lovely interview and photos too :)

    1. Thanks Kate, it really is a stunning shop. Makes me want to learn how to make and dye yarn, maybe that's the next step for YBW!

  2. Brighton Etsy Team trip I say! I will need someone to stop me spending all my money in there...Great interview and I second Kate on the photos - really beautiful! x

    1. Thank you! A team trip is an ace idea, maybe we could involve it in one of our events or something!

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